We, two chefs with many years of experience in Greece and abroad,  George Kastoris and Dimitris Kangelis, joined our  forces and  love for food and good products to embark on a culinary journey.


We combined the unique properties of olive oil, the liquid gold as Homer called oil,  with the antioxidant properties of authentic Chios mastic, aronia and goji berry and made three new products: mastic oil, aronia oil and finally goji bery olive oil.

Our goal is to give the aromatic oil a new dimension by combining tradition with high level gastronomy.


Approved Chef

Dimitris Kaggelis

I always remember myself, even as a child, being fascinated by the smells and the image of my grandmother baking in the wood oven wonderful pies and breads. They were unique because they had love far from art.

These pictures followed me over the years and became the reason to pursue this blessed profession. It is a journey like a love affair. Always exciting. My last trip to Europe was  in Innsbruc of  Austria where my beloved Austrians let the Greek flavors , that come out of paradise to dance syrtaki on their palate. The press reviews were unique.

Now the syrtaki continues,  with the vision,  this wonderful olive oil products  that we created with my partner and friend, to  constantly grow the dance circle. Thanks in advance from the bottom of my heart...


Giorgos Kastoris

My whole life is an incessant tasting trip to both European and Arabic cities with my last destination to be Doha in Qatar.

Years have passed  and now that memories are coming back, with the help of my experiences my partner and friend and I,  created a wonderful series of olive oil with unique super foods, all coming from Messini of Kalamata. A place well known from ancient times.

The journey around the world continues being more exciting than ever before.

Thank you in  advance.